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Over $10,000 of prizes to be won in the ShareVision trading competition

ShareVision is the dedicated streaming platform for global finance and together with our partner Tradenet, we are giving you the chance to win cash prizes and much more!

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Risk free

The competition is absolutely free to enter and you do not need to use real funds to participate, and it will be run with demo funds, so there is zero cost or risk to competing.


Instant reward

Additionally, the first 100 traders to enter the competition will automatically receive $10 just for entering.

The registrations for the ShareVision Trading Competition are now closed!

However, if you’d like us to let you know when the registrations for the next competition opens.

Notify me about next competitions

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The trading competition has started on Wednesday 11th May 2022 and will end on Wednesday 18th May 2022.

In order to win the competition, you only have to do two things:

  1. Place in the top 20 positions at the end of the competition
  2. Live Stream or Upload a Video to your ShareVision Channel on the 1st day of the competition
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The Prizes

  • 1st Prize$3,000cash
  • 2nd Prize$2,000cash
  • 3rd Prize$1,500cash
  • 4th Position$1,250cash
  • 5th Position$1,000cash
  • 6th Position$750cash
  • 7th Position$500cash
  • 8th Position$250cash
  • 9th Position$150cash
  • 10th Position$50cash

Our Partner Tradenet Logo will be adding on the following prizes for the winners as well

2nd Position

9-Months Subscription

To Tradenet Trading Room worth $99/month

1st Position

Free 1-Year subscription

To Tradenet Trading Room worth $990

3rd Position

6-Months Subscription

To Tradenet Trading Room worth $99/month

  • 4 to 10 Positions

    3-Months Subscription to Tradenet Trading Room worth $99 per month

  • 11 to 20 Positions

    1-Month Subscription to Tradenet Trading Room worth $99 per month

How to enter

Step 1

Fill in the Registration form at the top of this page

Create Channel
Step 2

Create your ShareVision Channel

Upload video or live stream
Step 3

Get contacted by Tradenet representative to successfully verify your registration

Create Channel
Step 4

Share this competition page on social media

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Here are the competition rules:

  1. You must have a ShareVision channel and Tradenet demo account to participate.
  2. Every trader who qualifies for the competition receives access to a demo trading account with a trading balance of $240,000. During the competition period of 6 trading days, competitors will compete to achieve the highest balance.
  3. You must trade on at least 4 of the 6 trading days.
  4. All remaining open positions will be closed automatically at the end of the trading day.

The competition has started on Wednesday 11th May 2022

Six trading days. First three - Wednesday (11 May) to Friday (13 May), weekend recess (14-15 May) and back Monday (16 May) to Wednesday (18 May). After the final day, the winners will be announced.

We will send you reminders by email as we get closer to the start date and leaderboard updates during the competition.

Good luck!

Eligible Countries

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